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Diagnostic and Specialist Access Insurance

Get employees off the waitlist and into the doctor's office.

  • All-the-time coverage
    While WCB insures only work-related incidents, DSAI covers employees on the job and off. 
  • Easy to get
    All employees up to age 75 are eligible, and medical underwriting isn't required.

Want a taste of eternity? Try waiting for a specialist. 

A few weeks can feel like forever when you’re waiting for a diagnostic appointment. With diagnostic and special access insurance (DSAI), employees will get faster access to medical specialists and diagnostics, getting the answers they need—and then getting back to work 

We’re proud to be the only insurer in Canada offering DSAI to employer groups*. Kicking in once an insured is on a waitlist of 21 days or more, DSAI covers MRIs and CT scans, as well as appointments with a wide variety of specialists. After being insured for two years, pre-existing conditions are covered, too. 

Just like all of our products, DSAI comes with prompt, personalized service. Employees will have access to the DSAI helpline to find specialists, coordinate appointments, and even help make travel arrangements if necessary. Because when they’re facing a health scare, the last thing anyone needs to worry about is logistics.

*Please note this product is not available in Quebec.


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